Hot Chocolate with the Works!

Being Vegan is a great way to eat a healthier diet…but we all need the occasional treat and on a cold frosty day, nothing beats this!


Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows may not scream vegan eating but it can be made really easily and is just as tasty as the non-vegan alternative!

wp-1483465771139.jpg wp-1483465762144.jpg    wp-1483465753990.jpg

To make your easy peasy vegan hot chocolate, you’ll need:

  • Non Dairy milk of your choice
  • Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (also perfect for making chocolate porridge…)
  • Schlagcreme Squirty Cream – this stuff is AMAZING!
  • Vegan friendly Marshmallows


In need of some more Vegan Meal Inspiration?

Check out my Butternut Squash Stew recipe. This is one of my all time favourite recipes which I cook religiously and serve with giant cous cous.


The full recipe is here and is the most popular recipe I’ve posted! Hope you enjoy it, i’d love to see your photos and read your feedback.

More #Veganuary inspiration coming tomorrow – don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on Twitter!


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